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“Wonderful place to visit with a great staff!”

“We just went today. It was so fun for the kids. They fed Zebra, Yaks and miniature horses too. The boys are 4 and 6 and couldn’t get enough of the fun things to do. The staff members were very nice and offered up as much info about the animals and farm as you needed. Definitely visit this wonderful farm in the countryside. You will not be disappointed.”

Westy1335 (via Trip Advisor)


“Neat place to visit”

“The large animal exhibit is very nice and very natural. The animals come right up to the tractor/wagon and eats out of your cup of food (each person gets one cup for free). ”

LittleDoll123 (via Trip Advisor)


“Fun, unique place to spend an afternoon”

“Where else can you pour feed into a water buffalo’s mouth? The tour through the animal park was super fun! Our group ranged in age from teens to early 80’s and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Fantastic variety of animals and the tour was just the right length. The grounds are lovely.”

PiperMeadow (via Trip Advisor)


“A hidden gem…”

“Recently visited Hidden Valley with my parents and two young sons, ages 5 and 8. The grounds are beautiful and extremely well maintained. It was a nice short walk from the parking lot to the main building. Some may have some difficulties through the gravel parking lot, if you’re using a manual wheelchair, walker, or stroller. Otherwise, the facility was very accessible for our multi-generational group. The “Wild Game Safari Tour” is a 55min tractor-pulled ride through their animal park. The tractor kicks up a bit of dust during the ride, so I’d suggest sitting towards the middle or back of the trailer. You are given a cup of grain to feed the animals, which eagerly come up to eat. We saw zebra, bison, llama, emu, Texas longhorn, and so many more. The ride is very smooth and while you are only sitting on benches, it was quite comfortable. Our tour guide was funny and very knowledgeable. You can tell the staff really care about the animals of the park. The animals appear very cared for and the park creates a very natural setting for them.”

Kristina C (via Trip Advisor)


“We had the best time on our guided animal safari!”

“The staff were friendly & knowledgeable. feeding the animals was a lot of fun! The food was excellent & served in a timely manner. our waitress was new & she was very attentive. Overall a great family spot with lots to do for the kids. definitely going back. they even have a banquet hall for parties. had a great day!”

Melissa Ann Mittelstaedt (via Facebook)


“What a great time!”

“The animals are diverse and the park is beautifully maintained. The staff were great, I wish o remembered our tour guides name because I would compliment her fantastic job (Saturday 8/11 3:50 tour)! We will definitely return and recommend!”

Benjamin Maynard (via Facebook)


“We loved everything about it…”

“The ride out to the animals was awesome, how cool that they ride right up to the herd for feeding and pictures. Talk about up close and personal lol!! These animals seem so calm and relaxed, it was a great experience! And babies galore! Loved it! Can’t forget Randy the camel, he was the star of everyone’s selfie. Can’t say enough good things about here! Restaurant and bar were really good too. Enjoyed the small petting zoo as well. Beautiful grounds, pond and building. AND IT DIDN’T SMELL LIKE POOP OR ANIMALS, everywhere was very very clean! Excellent day, I can’t wait to come back and try it on a sleigh ride.

Laurie Nelson (via Facebook)


“Good time…”

We had a good time with our 5 year old in this attraction. We got ample time to feed the animals. The facility is well maintained. Good tour guide, who was very informative.

Karthik GT (via Google)


“Absolutely amazing place…”

I lived near here a long time and knew about it but never stopped by glad we did..

Mark Sinsel (via Google)


“What a Beautiful Place to Spend a Sunday…”

“The Mothers Day brunch was awesome and the tour was amazing. Our driver and tour guide were amazing giving everyone lots of information and the opportunity to take LOTS of pictures. Highlight was “Randy” the camel who was such a star!! Another trip is upcoming (I hope)..

Joy Liese (via Facebook)


“Great Food…”

Great food and fun environment if you like wings there is a deal on Thursdays there. If you have never been you should try it for me I like their sweet potato fries they have honey and other seasonings on them. Yum!

Savanna Kenyon (via Google)


“We Loved It”

“My homeschooled daughter is really interested in wildlife biology, so we took a trip from our home in Maine to a lot of animal parks and zoos. This was the 2nd stop on our trip, and we really loved it. The parking lot has sufficient handicap parking, but the path up to the lodge is too steep for the average mobility scooter. There is an alternate entrance around the back that is more accessible, but there is insufficient signage for people with disabilities to find that route before making the trip around the usual way. The animal tour is fabulous. To get up close and personal with yaks, bison, water buffalo, elk, zebras, and more is fantastic. Our tour guide, Isis, was great. I think our driver’s name was Kevin, and he was also wonderful. The animals are clearly well cared for, and the park does a great job of ensuring the safety of both animals and people on the tour. The pond in front with swans, ducks, and koi is lovely…It really is a fabulous place”

MaineCampMama (via TripAdvisor)


“Great Experience”

“If you are going, we suggest getting there when it opens so that the animals will be really hungry. We spent 3 hours there and that was perfect. The food we ate for lunch was excellent!”

CRAIG P (via TripAdvisor)


“Love the animals”

“Overall , my experience was good. The animals in the trolley ride were very friendly. It was nice to be so close to all the different species. Wish the trolley ride was longer..”

lorik48713 (via TripAdvisor)



“We come to Hidden Valley almost every week. During their promotion I received many red envelopes. I was so surprised when I opened up my red envelope this past week and it was a 100.00 voucher!! What a great dinner we had. The food is always good and the service is top notch. We feel like family every time we visit.”

jodyj550 (via TripAdvisor)


“Excellent service…”

and exotic food available. I had the water buffalo burger. This restaurant is also accessible by snowmobile. We will be back soon on.”

David Curry (via Google)


“One of the best…”

“I have ever been to, love the food and all the activities that were going on.”

Richard Anderson (via Google)


“We want to go again…”

“We had a blast and can’t wait to visit again. The safari tour is a unique experience that will be different every visit. Hidden Valley Animal Adventure is a great place to spend a few hours with your family.” (Read the whole review here.)

Five for the Road (Online Blog)


“Absolutely love coming here”

The tour is always a good time and the petting zoo after is awesome too! Definitely worth coming out here!!! Highly recommend whether you have kids or not, its fun for all ages!!

Sarah Tasker (via Google)


“Thanks for a wonderful experience”

We went yesterday with our 3 year old son. Everywhere he looked he’d say “whoa, look at that!” The grounds were well taken care of, landscaping was top notch. The animals were amazing and we were so up close and able to feed them and even pet a few. The staff was courteous and friendly. Our chauffeur, Burt was the best! The restaurant was great too. Our server, I wish I remember your name, was very accommodating to us and our little boy too. My husband loved the water buffalo ? burger. We will be back to visit again. It’s amazing how well tucked away it is, but yet so close by.

Pamela McFarland (via Facebook)


“This place was fantastic”

I took my three kids there the last Saturday they were open for the tours and couldn’t ask for a better experience. It was not busy as it was their second to last day of the season and it was quite windy and even though they had a light staff the staff was helpful and willing to answer any questions anybody had about the animals. Tutorial during the trolley tour was great. I could see how some people may think that the animals aren’t taken care of in terms of the cleanliness but one thing these people have to keep in mind is that they are wild animal roaming on 65 acres of property and they get dirty, muddy and smelling. Hidden Valley is not a animal bed and breakfast. I would highly recommend going there!

Jason Weiser (via Google)


“We had a totally awesome time”

Our tour guide Eric was very knowledgeable and both guys on the bus were entertaining. The animals have a beautiful setting to roam and seem to be content and well cared for. The grounds were clean, neat, and very welcoming. We all loved the petting zoo! What an awesome experience and place. It is very clear that Mr. Boxler put a lot of love into this sanctuary. We look forward to visiting again!

Lizzi Matisz (via Facebook)


“A real hidden gem”

Very well run, staff is friendly and helpful. The grounds are immaculate and well maintained. The trolley ride through the animal habitat is a good length with very informative narrative along the way. It was amazing to see these huge wild animals up close – elk, antelopes, bison – can’t remember them all! The small animal adventure (included with the trolley ticket) allows kids to feed friendly miniature donkeys, little pigs and other assorted animals. Additional animals to see include everything from colorful peacocks and other birds to an ancient tortoise, red kangaroos, ducks, white and black swans and koi in the ponds. Suitable for ages 4-5 and up, we saw a lot of people who had smaller children who just couldn’t understand or appreciate the experience. We loved it!.

Karen Colizzi Noonan (via Facebook)


“Fun for all ages”

Great opportunity to see up close and hand feed large animals like bison, water buffalo, camels, elk, long horn steer, emu, ostrich, zebra’s and many others while riding on a trolley being pulled by a wagon. The 50 min ride was most enjoyable and seeing home much the young children enjoyed it made a great memory. The grounds were so beautiful.

Sally W (via Trip Advisor)


“Worth the drive”

This is a well maintained and humane sanctuary for several species of wild animals. An excellent adventure for children from about 4 through 10 and their parents. Smaller children will enjoy seeing the animals but some of the feeding gets a bit “sloppy.” Our guide Claire was extremely knowledgeable, both about the animals in their stock and related species.

Quikago (via Trip Advisor)


“My 3- and 5-year-old loved this”

The grounds are beautiful, and there’s a great restaurant with very reasonably priced food and ice cream. It’s a better value than African Lion Safari, too, even with the exchange rate.

Samantha Christmann, The Buffalo News 


“Loved it!”

We throughly enjoyed our day here. It’s a little bit off the beaten path but worth the road trip. The grounds are absolutely beautiful! My son had an amazing time learning about the wild animals and being able to feed them. The tour guides were very friendly and educated on the park. The trolley ride was so fun! We brought a picnic lunch but did get ice cream in the lodge. Plan on at least a 2 hour visit. We look forward to going back.

landonsmom22 (via Trip Advisor)


“So much fun for a family”

My daughter and her young children 3 and 8 were visiting so I thought it might be fun to go to a place where they could feed wild animals. They were not disappointed ! It was not terribly crowded and the tour trolley was comfortable for the trek around the property. Every thing was well maintained and it was a lovely 55 minute adventure

Sbostons (via Trip Advisor)


“Animal Safari”

We had originally planned to go to Wagon Trails near Youngstown, OH as we’d gone a few years ago and liked it immensely, but it’s closed on Tuesdays. Hence I Googled for alternatives and found Hidden Valley. It was a lovely scenic drive for us as we are from Clarion County, PA. We went on numerous roads through beautiful farmland. Schwab Dairy Farm was enormous!!! The windmills were neat. Hidden Valley offered a beautiful chateau and flower beds, fountains, wooden bridge, ICE cream, bar, and dining room, and lots of animals. There was a petting zoo and a tractor drawn trolley that stopped at locations so you could feed the zebra, zedonkey, camel, elk, water buffalo, deer, ostrich, etc.

Brenda H (via Trip Advisor)


“Great find but way off the beaten track”

Really great experience for both adults and kids. It was about 25 miles off the thruway but that’s ok. Well worth the drive…Had lunch at the restaurant food was great not overpriced and service was good.

Josh B (via Trip Advisor)


“absolutely stunning property!”

Tucked away in almost the middle of nowhere stands this absolutely stunning property. There was a wedding going on when I visited and I can see why! The tour was very fun, our guide was a very nice young lady who was very informative. The tour was about an hour long and we got to feed quit a few different types of animals. This is not a zoo or a safari ride! Don’t expect lions and tigers and animals that are not safe. While you are not allowed to pet the animals, I highly doubt they will bite, all they want is food. After the tour you are allowed to visit the petting zoo portion with many donkeys, and a few small goats. I absolutely think $18 admission is worth everything you get if you love animals.

Ashley Agnew (via Google)


“We had a great time!”

Everyone should plan a day trip there. My granddaughter and I were thrilled and had loads of laughs.

Paula J. Incorvia (via Facebook)


“Beautiful location!”

awesome for kids and the food at the lodge is amazing!

Melissa Landis (via Facebook)


“Loved the Animal Experience!”

I watch my nieces every Monday in the summer and we have gotten bored with all the local stuff. I heard about this place and thought we would give it a try. So glad we did! The girls had an amazing time and so did I. The food was also good at the lodge. We will be back!

Nikki Thompson Hungate (via Facebook)


“What a unique experience!”

Highly recommend this place if you’re looking for a day trip. Great for children or without! We will definitely be back!

Cassie Bogey (via Facebook)


“Hidden Valley, Hidden Gem”

We were all amazed by HVAA! The area is carefully laid out with due care to the natural habitat of the many (60) types of animals housed and cared for there. The trolley ride through the animal area took about an hour in a wagon towed by a tractor. Noisy at times, it was happily narrated by a well trained tour guide named Molly. She had a wealth of knowledge about all of the animals we observed, and had a chance to feed. The animals, too, are well trained; and surround the wagon as soon as it stops, fighting like kids at an ice cream truck for the front of the line….As you might guess, we all had a great time, and will visit again!

Joe D (via Trip Advisor)


“great way to spend a summer day”

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Hidden Valley Animal Adventure! The prices for the tour and food are reasonable. The animals are well taken care of. Plenty of food, water, and shade provided to them. The grounds and buildings are extremely clean. The Bison Burgers are delicious, and so were the other meals we had. My kids, ages 4–12, all have had an awesome experience each and every time that we have visited. Great interaction with the animals. It’s become a family favorite!

Kris Pea (via Google)


“the best trip ever!”

We took a trip out here in June, 2016 with my 5 year old daughter. We didn’t quite know what to expect but were absolutely thrilled. Being so close to the animals, being able to feed them, we even had a chance to see a baby donkey being born! If you’ve ever been to the African Lion Safari or thought of going, this is great! You don’t have to cross any borders, don’t have to drive your own car, it’s a great time. My daughter even called it the best trip ever!

Mike Osuch (via Facebook)


Fun for Everyone

Okay folks I’m not posting animal pictures because you really need to experience this place yourself. It was the cleanest animal sanctuary I’ve ever visited and the tour guide was very knowledgable about all the different animals.  Food was good and well priced with a happy staff waiting on customers. Serving New York Perry’s ice cream- how could you go wrong. I still can’t believe we have this really cool place, here in Western New York. Employing local people is awesome. And educating visitors about these wonderful creatures is really neat.

I give it two thumbs up and can’t wait to go back!!!!

ARiley (via TripAdvisor)


Wonderful Day for the family!

Staff very friendly. Very clean. Animals well taken care of ! This was our family first time and we loved it! The safari was so FUN! The girl who rode on the trolley was so informative and nice! So fun to feed the animals! The trolley ride is an hour long and we loved every minute! We seen little babies just born! And learned so much! We will be visiting again! Nice place for families!!!!

Albert Saxton (via Google)


What a wonderful experience my family had!

We had vacationed a couple of weeks on the east coast and this was definitely one of the best attractions. My daughters, 10 and 14 were thrilled with the opportunity to get so close up to the amazing animals and feed them! The animals were very gentle and obviously well cared for. The staff were pleasant and helpful. Would highly recommend for all ages!

Victoria Smith (via Google)


Worth the Trip!

Just came back from your establishment and had a wonderful time.  I
wouldn’t have known about it except from someone at work.  You need to do
more to get the word out about your place as it is well worth the trip from

Carol Black


Third Year in a Row!

On March 9th, 2013, for the third year in a row, we held a special dinner for over 160 special clients at The Lodge. Experience and satisfaction from the past two years was reason enough to select The Lodge as the location for this year’s event, but this year’s event exceeded the past in every aspect. The service provided by Verity in selecting the date and times, along with the menu options and suggestions as always were extremely helpful. Small, last minute requests in table locations were handled with ease and professionalism to facilitate our guests, as well as the hosts. The food, which was absolutely perfect, was served promptly with all guests commenting on the quality, and the quick, orderly service. Kudos to all of the staff, from the servers and bartenders to the chef and management staff, for making a good event a great event.

Mark A. Merrill


Maple Weekend

My family and I were at your restaurant today and had a wonderful time! Marie and the wait staff were very accommodating to our ever-changing number! Food was great and we had an awesome day on the trail ride and at the sugar shack!

Kathryn Walsh


I’ve Recommended It to So Many People

Brought my granddaughter and we both loved it. A very hands-on experience with large wild animals. Hot, dry weather made it easy to pretend you were on a real safari. Connie Hamann and I visited your park in October with the Greatbatch group and had a wonderful experience! It was so nice to be up-close to the animals and see their grandeur. Your park is so much better than a zoo and I’ve recommended it to so many people. In fact, I raved about Hidden Valley Animal Adventure on Facebook and told all my friends that they should take their family there. I also gave a photo presentation of our Greatbatch group trip of 250 of our employees. I encouraged everyone to go sometime in the future if they weren’t able to join us because your park really is something special to see.


Dara was an amazing tour guide

We had a wonderful time. Dara was an amazing tour guide. The tour was very exciting seeing and feeding the wide variety of animals. We especially enjoyed the small animal farm & visiting with all the babies.
West Seneca


What a memorable day

I took my brother for his 72nd birthday along with my daughter and son-in-law and we had a wonderful time. We ate at the grill and our hamburgers and chicken tenders were delicious. Your food prices were very reasonable…had milk shakes too. We hope to come again next year with more people in a large group. It was wonderful and the pictures I took came out great. My grandson, in college, is in Art classes, and he will use my pictures to help him draw animals more successfully. What a memorable day.



My 2 year old son and I had an absolute ball today. What a beautiful place! The staff was great! Thank you for a most enjoyable day!
Jennifer Babcock


A smile on a rainy day

My family and I visited the Hidden Valley Safari on a rainy day and we had a great time! Our guide and tractor driver were a riot and very informative. What a wonderful, satisfying adventure. I got a chance to touch a ZEBRA!! Awesome. Lunch was also great at the grill. Thanks to the staff for making a dreary day full of fun and laughs. What a blast.
M. Wilkie



I heard about it through a coworker and took my little brother there for the day and it was awesome! We both had a blast. The workers were all very friendly and our tour guide was really good about pointing out each type of animal and telling us interesting facts about them. I would definitely go again!!


Members of our group are still talking about it

On June 14, the Great Valley Senior Group took a trip to Hidden Valley Animal Adventure. Everything was wonderful except the weather, but I guess none of us could do anything about that. I, personally, have recommended your establishment to some friends who have visited your place and raved about it. Members of our group are still talking about it. It was way better than we even expected. Thank you for a wonderful adventure. The ride through the wild animal fields was very nice. The guides were fun and informative. Oscar was a real hoot! The “lunch” you served us was amazing, and the loaded mashed potatoes were to die for!!! I’m sure others are recommending a trip to your place for “kids of all ages”. We certainly enjoyed it, and some of us are in our 80’s. Your facility is beautiful, the food was great, and the service was wonderful. What more can I say except…..thanks again.
Yvonne E. Darts


Thumbs up

Thumbs up for Hans Boxler, owner of Hidden Valley Animal Adventure in Varysburg, Wyoming County. While waiting to board the touring tram, my developmentally disabled daughter had a seizure and was unable to wait for the next tour. Mr Boxler offered to drive us around himself for a private tour of his beautiful facility. What a great person and a great day for my family.
Rochester Democrat & Chronicle



You have shed a ray of sunshine into the forum. Thanks!


Each Time Something New and Exciting

We have been to Hidden Valley many times and each time we find something new and exciting. The Lodge has amazing food and the tours are excellent. The kids always have a great time. Thank you for a wonder place to take our family.
Christina Gromek


Great Visit!

I just want to let you know that we had a GREAT time yesterday! The woman selling tickets behind the bar was super nice and kind. Eric and Bert were great tour guides. Ironically, Bert drove us through last year too. I posted my pictures on my facebook page. One of the comments I received so far is: “Thanks for posting. I think we are going on Thursday.”
Kim Lorenzo


It’s a Good Time for All Ages

Makes for a great day. Our 1st time was today, but it will not be the last. I can’t wait till we can get a group of family and friends together and spend a very nice day. It’s a good time for all ages.
Marian Dunz


Awesome Place!

This was my first visit to HVAA and let me tell you I will be coming back real soon with a bunch of my friends! The mini adventure is a great and fun place to start. My 2 year old daughter loved getting to actually pet and walk with the animals! And the trolley ride through the park was phenomenal! I don’t remember our drivers name but I would love to have him again. He was so knowledgeable and went out of his way to make sure we had as many animal encounters as we could possibly get! The tour guide on the trolley was also fantastic- she said that she was kinda new to this and she did such a great job especially with the PA system not working on our trolley. She was also very friendly and knew a lot about all the animals. (I wish I could remember both of their names!) It was so nice to see the animals out in a natural environment and to get to interact with them in a way that would never be possible if this place did not exist. I must thank the owner of the place for sharing his beautiful animals and letting us make memories there that will last a lifetime!!! My 2 year old didn’t want to leave and we had been there all day!! And she couldn’t stop talking about the Zebra she got to touch! I can’t wait to come back again!! Thanks again!
Brandy Clark


Amazing Experience

I have been here twice. Once was in the winter where I attended a business conference. We used the space and ate some amazing food. It was so wonderful and the ladies were so accommodating. My Second visit was when I accompanied my community’s senior citizens group on the animal adventure and lunch. It was so amazing. Being so close to some of the animals and being able to feed them was so inspiring. It was an adventure. I can’t wait to bring my kids here.
Becca Whited



My husband & I had the pleasure of dining at your lodge today. It was wonderful! The food was excellent and the staff most attentive. It was the first time we have eaten out on a holiday in our 40 years of marriage. We certainly will plan to come again and bring extended family.


Everyone Had a Wonderful Time—Ages One to 80!

This was our first time visiting. We had a one year old all the way to an 80 year old with us and everyone had a wonderful time. I also appreciated the handicapped accessibility as my mom is in a wheelchair and she was able to participate in everything. Thank you!
Jean F


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