Not Just A Destination, But An Adventure

The Story of Hidden Valley Animal Adventure

Hidden Valley Animal Adventure is the creation of Hans Boxler, a successful dairy farmer here in Wyoming County. Hans’ father, Joseph, sailed over to America in 1921 and settled in Varysburg, which is where he decided to start his dairy farm and raise his family of three children: Hans, Gretchen and Mary.

Hans grew up with a love for animals. In 2002 he bought some bison and elk, and then eventually a camel. People were curious and stopped to ask about the unusual animals. This is how the vision of Hidden Valley was born—a place where Hans could share his passion for animals and this picturesque valley with the public (not to mention to help cover the cost of feed).

Ground was broken in 2005 and five years later in 2010 Hidden Valley Animal Adventure opened.

Our Vision Expands

Along with the park, the original vision included a hot dog stand to serve our guests. But the plans expanded to include a restaurant, banquet hall and two hotel rooms housed in a beautiful timber frame lodge. Why two hotel rooms? Interestingly enough, the hotel rooms are the result of a local law dating back to the end of Prohibition in 1933 which requires establishments that sell liquor have overnight lodging.

Today, park guests enjoy a Wild Game Safari guided or drive-thru experience, taking their own personal vehicles over 2.2 miles of trails on 63 acres of land. Guests can choose to purchase grain to feed and get up close and personal with some 350 animals representing 35 species from around the world. Guests may also visit our Small Animal Adventure where they walk among the smaller, friendly animals and newborns.

Hans unexpectedly passed in July 2016 but his dream and legacy carry on. What started out as a hobby is now being shared with thousands—including not just park guests, but school and group tours, wedding parties, corporate banquets, diners and many more.