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Sure Signs of Spring

May 4, 2014 0 comments Animal Park

Yesterday, I spent the day at KidsFest in Buffalo, NY where hundreds of parents and children gathered to take part in this interactive kid-friendly event. Now that spring has arrived and summer is just around the corner, parents are looking for things to do close to home that are great for kids and fun for the whole family. While at KidsFest, they were introduced to many kid-friendly activities and businesses, like Hidden Valley Animal Adventure, available to them throughout the Western New York region. It was a great opportunity to share our story with families who knew little of or nothing about Hidden Valley Animal Adventure and our Wild Game Safari Tours.

The weekend also marked the opening of our Safari Tour season. The opening of the park and tour season is just one sure sign that spring has finally arrived. The grass is greener, joyous squeals and laughter from both children and adults can be heard coming up the path into and out of the park, and babies are being born! Just this morning, almost on cue as the park opened, one of our bison delivered a baby girl. The sun came out and guests got the thrill of seeing this newborn only minutes old.

Baby bison3 born 5.4.14
Bison born May 4, 2014 at Hidden Valley Animal Adventure, Varysburg, NY

Lawns are being rolled, trees are finally budding, and soon our valley and adjacent hillsides will burst vibrant shades of green. There is nothing like spring and all the new life it brings.

As I write this I’m watching a two-week-old yak prancing up and down the hill enjoying the cool fresh air and stiff breeze with all the newness that is spring. Yup, children playing outdoors (of any species) is a sure sign of spring.

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